Washingtonian: Today at 11: Chat With Food Critic Ann Limpert

The Danny Lee/Scott Drewno/Angel Barreto Korean place is doing a killer version, available half or whole (obvi you want the whole, for leftovers sake). Drewno and Lee were inspired to create the recipe when they spend a frigid night at a South Korean market which featured a famous fried-chicken stand. They noticed the cooks were using a wet batter, not the dry potato starch that is typical of Korean double-fried legs and wings. They got to experimenting when they returned home, and Barreto freestyled by adding some roast-soybean powder to add some earthiness to the batter. Anyway, the result is—and I don’t use this word lightly—amazing. It’s so insanely crunchy, and stays that way for awhile. What sets it apart just as much as the technique are its final touches: a gochujang glaze that is striped with Alabama-style, kewpie-mayo-based white barbecue sauce, and a shower of furikake. Man, I’m hungry.